Woman shave her vagina

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How much you have down there is a purely personal choice there are benefits to having itFYI. But if you prefer to rely on shaving and trimming—with the occasional bikini wax thrown in for good measure—know that taking matters into your own hands on the regular can also mean repeating bad behavior without knowing it. To that end, here are some common mistakes that could be making removing hair a pain in the well, you knowalong with tips on how to shave your pubic area without getting irritation or ingrowns.

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This week's Steals and Deals features beautiful hostess gifts for the holidays! After showing female body hair in a groundbreaking campaign last yearrazor brand Billie is back with another video celebrating women in their au naturel state. And this time around, they're taking things one step further to focus on pubic hair.

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Removing pubic hair is a cosmetic choice that may have health consequences for some women. Before we get started we need to get one fact straight — pubic hair is on your vulva the outside, where your clothes touch your skin not your vagina, which is internal or at the vaginal opening think of the places you touch when reaching inside for a rogue tampon. Pubic hair serves several biological purposes.

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Vulvodynia is a chronic condition that can make sex and even inserting a tampon agony. It's thought to affect around 16 per cent of women at some point in their lives, yet experts aren't certain what causes it. They found women who wear skinny jeans and those who groom their pubic hair could be at greater risk of vulvodynia. To find the link, scientists looked at women aged 18 to 40 with confirmed cases of vulvodynia.

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And despite the growing trend to leave it au naturel down below, many of us still prefer to go bare. And she points to studies that have actually found a link between STIs and people who like their pubes shorn. But it makes sense to avoid shaving or waxing just before sex, and always to use a clean razor if you do shave.

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Getting ready for oral sex or 'liking feeling soft' are people's top reasons for shaving or waxing their pubic hair. A study of more than 4, men and women delved into reasons behind people's intimate grooming rituals, revealing 60 per cent remove all or part of their hair. Women, of whom eight out of 10 admitted to be hair-removers, also said they did it to feel more feminine or because their sexual partner preferred it.

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Photo by Marcel via Stocksy. Like many studies before it, a new study claims that most women mess with their pubic hair in some way. Yet what the study found out about why is fairly surprising.

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But the scientific evidence is exactly the opposite, medics have warned. Dr Vanessa Mackay, who is a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said pubic hair was vital for preventing pathogens entering the vagina. And younger, white women with a college education were the most likely to shave or wax, with the highest percentage aged between 18 and Pubic hair also acts as a soft cushion for the sensitive skin of the labia and vagina, experts have said.

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We talk about the hair on our heads with a great deal of openness. Pubic hair has long been a prickly subject. The media, our friends, and our romantic partners can sometimes give us mixed messages about what we should be doing with it.

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In fact, in a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that asked over 1, university students women and men about their down-there grooming habits, 95 percent of people said they removed it at least once in the last four weeks. Shaving was the most popular—with half of women going totally bald to feel clean, comfortable, and sexy. But not everyone is all about the hair removal.


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