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Career Strategist Julie Bauke's experience working with thousands of professionals taught her that really smart, accomplished people make the same mistakes over and over again as they seek out their next opportunities. They were never taught exactly HOW to find a job. Whether you are just beginning your search, or are smack in the middle of it and feel like you are getting nowhere, this insightful, humorous book will put the spotlight on your search and keep you from making the mistakes that derail job seekers everywhere.

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I was in the midst of a truly brutal boot camp class when the instructor ordered us to start 30 seconds of jumping jacks. I figured others would soon be able to see my mini-accident and instantly turned red. Luckily, no one did, but right after class I frantically typed "peeing during workouts" into the browser on my smartphone.

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To dogs, urinating is more than just a mundane daily task. To gauge the relationship between urination angle and dog size, the scientists turned to two local animal shelters. The team discovered that smaller dogs peed at proportionately higher angles than big dogs, going out of their way to leave marks at these higher levels.

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They often growl at and chase after dogs double their size, and according to a new theory, they may aim higher while peeing to make themselves seem mightier than they look. These findings, published in the Journal of Zoologycome from Betty McGuire, a dog researcher who is something of an expert on canine whizzing. McGuire, of Cornell University, studies dog urinary behavior, particularly as it relates to social and scent-marking habits.

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One-piece bathing suits, when wet, are very annoying to take off. Urine is sterile, and chlorine is sterilizing, right? This is the justification we offered ourselves, to counter our shame.

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Peeing outdoors is as simple as finding a secluded spot and popping a squat, right? Theoretically, sure—but in reality, everything from uneven terrain to tight hip flexors can throw you off your game and, as a result, your The mechanics of relieving yourself in the great outdoors can be challenging if you struggle with mobility and flexibility, like most modern desk jockeys do, or if you have a hard time staying steady on your feet.

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Betty McGuire is no stranger to dog urine. If you live with a dog, neither are you. Why did you pee there?!?

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Some people are no good at peeing. They have a shy bladder or a weak stream. Not me though.

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A couple of loyal readers e-mailed us about the WLOS ers verging into some unchartered territory with their happy talk on the Saturday night Edward Mcdonald, the sports guy, ended the broadcast with a story about a guy trying to set a new Guinness Book of World Records record for the longest ride on a stationary bike — more than 82 hours straight. OK, you did.

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Maybe during a heavy squat, or perhaps during box jumps? The video resounded with women worldwide. Finally, someone was recognizing that stress urinary incontinence was a real issue affecting millions of women. But the video sparked a huge online backlash.


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