Whole breast ultrasound

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Mammography, the standard method of breast cancer screening, misses many cancers, especially in dense-breasted women. Cancers occurring during the study and subsequent 1-year follow-up were evaluated. Breast cancer detection doubled from 23 to 46 in 6, studies using AWBU with mammography, resulting in an increase in diagnostic yield from 3.

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The Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound ABUS is an FDA-approved noninvasive, radiation-free procedure used in addition to a mammogram to increase the accuracy of breast cancer screening in asymptomatic women with dense breast tissue. This painless procedure helps our physicians evaluate dense breast tissue more accurately, using sound waves to create 3D images of the breast. ABUS has been shown to improve the detection rates for breast cancer when used in addition to a mammogram.

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At a time when we are talking about overdiagnosis and ductal carcinoma in situ, it is critical to remember that the cancers we find with ultrasound are not low-grade DCIS. Rather, ultrasound detects small, largely node-negative, invasive breast cancers. The cancers we detect with screening ultrasound absolutely will become apparent.

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Whole breast ultrasound is an imaging technique which uses sound waves to create images of the breasts. When combined with other breast imaging tools such as mammography, whole breast ultrasound helps SimonMed radiologists provide more accurate and reliable diagnoses. In particular, whole breast ultrasound is an ideal imaging choice for women with dense breast tissue.

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Mammograms are essential for all women, but 40 percent of women in the U. If you have ever been told your mammogram results were "inconclusive," then you may have dense breast tissue and qualify for a secondary test using ABUS Automated Breast Ultrasound Screening technology. ABUS screenings do not replace mammograms.

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Automated whole-breast ultrasound is currently used as a screening tool. It uses soundwaves to produce images of the whole breast. The ultrasound can be paired with mammography to detect breast cancers that cannot be seen with a mammogram or felt during a physical examination alone.

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Automated whole-breast ultrasound ABUS uses sound waves to create three-dimensional images of breast tissue. It was developed in order to find cancers hidden in dense breast tissue, which may be missed by mammography. Studies show that ultrasound and mammography performed together can find more cancers in women with dense breasts than mammography alone.

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Patients can be scheduled every 10 minutes for a bilateral breast examination. This automated process does not require operator interaction during the scanning procedure, ensuring reproducibility and efficiency. Ease of use SOFIA's touchscreen user interface provides operators with intuitive icon driven menus for ease of operation.

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This website translates English to other languages using an automated tool. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translated text. Automated whole-breast ultrasound ABUS is a secondary screening exam designed for women with dense breasts.

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Automated breast ultrasound ABUS makes waves as a newfound supplemental screening technique for the dense breast population. Many states have passed legislation mandating the physicians notify patients if they have dense breast tissue, warn these patients of the risks associated with mammography alone and educate them about the benefits of supplemental imaging. The Siemens ABVS is a standalone system that uses a high-frequency, large-format transducer to acquire 3-D volumetic imaging of the breast.


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