Examing my son penis

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Alexandra Carlton November 03, Sometimes, kids' games head into the nude-and-rude territory. What's normal and safe and what's not?

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Introduction Today, more and more boys in the United States and Canada are growing up with their natural genitals intact not circumcised. This page provides the background information health professionals must have to be able to provide safe care to intact boys and accurate care advice to their parents. Contrary to the common cultural myth, care of the intact penis in the young child is neither complicated nor difficult.

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If you chose to have your son circumcisedthe procedure probably has been performed in the hospital on the second or third day after birth, but may be done after discharge during the first week of life. Ritual circumcisions for religious reasons are usually performed in the second week of life. Afterward, a light dressing such as gauze with petroleum jelly will have been placed over the head of the penis.

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Three- and 4-year-olds are often fascinated with and more than happy to reveal their private parts. Here's why. On a recent evening, my cousin's 4-year-old son ran into the closet after his bath. Suddenly, he threw open the door and proudly exclaimed to his mother and twin sister, "Look at my penis!

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A 5-year-old boy was admitted to the hospital last month for evaluation and treatment of cellulitis of the penis. He woke up with the swelling, complaining of pain the day of admission and was evaluated by his primary provider who sent him for a urology consult. Because the problem persisted without improvement during the course of the day, he was taken to the local hospital emergency room, which referred him to the regional medical center emergency department ED.

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Phimosis and paraphimosis are problems with the foreskin of the penis. This is a common problem in young boys. This can prevent normal blood flow in the penis, and may cause serious problems.

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Doctors know it as a genitourinary GU and rectal exam, which involves your:. Having a baseline is key to identifying changes as they happen and seeking out appropriate diagnostic tests sooner rather than later. In many cases, early detection allows your doctor to develop a treatment plan for cystsgrowths, and other abnormalities before more serious complications can occur.

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Parenting Resource. Q: OK, my son is now 3 years old and has started to play with his penis. I have never seen this topic discussed. How do you explain privacy to a small boy and get him to keep his penis in his pants?

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Check your child's weight and height, calculate body mass index BMIand plot the measurements on growth charts. Check your child's blood pressure using standard testing equipment. Your child's hearing may be checked.

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A family child care provider has asked how to deal with the situation of a young boy in her charge liking to undress and play with his privates. She says the tot is totally unaware that the action could be inappropriate, and howls when required to re-dress and participate in a different activity. She asks: "How can 'private play' be kept just that? Most kids at a certain stage of development discover their penis or vagina, otherwise referred to as "privates.


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