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Some reptiles such as crocodilians and some turtles are known to display temperature-dependent sex determination TSDwhere the ambient temperature of the developing eggs determines the individual's sex. The research has been published in Scientific Reports. Guillette Jr.

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Crocodiles subfamily Crocodylinae or true crocodiles are large semiaquatic reptiles that live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Crocodylinae, all of whose members are considered true crocodiles, is classified as a biological subfamily. A broader sense of the term crocodile, Crocodylidae that includes Tomistomais not used in this article.

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Despite their fearsome appearance and reptilian pedigree, crocodiles exhibit surprisingly complex social interactions and a remarkable degree of parental investment in their offspring. Crocodiles mate in a similar fashion to other reptiles, but they go to great lengths to construct egg nests. Even after the young hatch, the mothers guard their young for some time.

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If you want to know whether a crocodile is a male or a female, you have to catch it. Don't bring your good shoes. Even at night the heat is smothering, and a halo of bugs swirls around headlamps as the team motorboats down waterways or stalks the animals from shore.

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The Nile crocodile Crocodylus niloticus is a large crocodilian native to freshwater habitats in Africawhere it is present in 26 countries. The range of this species once stretched northward throughout the Nile, as far north as the Nile delta. On average, the adult male Nile crocodile is between 3.

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After examining close to crocodiles — by probing an area under the tail called the cloaca to determine their gender — researchers noticed something weird: male hatchlings outnumbered females four to one, according to a Science Magazine report. While humans and other mammals have sex chromosomes that determine gender, the sex of crocodiles and some other reptiles depends on the temperature inside the nest. Temps between

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Now, with the help of reader Eirik Lande, you can see what those genitals look like in, er, action. For clarification, that's the female on top in this shot, but they started out in a different position. In Lande's photos you can see the two crocodiles flip, with the help of a "death roll" style move near the end of their mating.

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Most crocodile species have been bred in captivity but on a commercial scale only a few species are involved. Breeding is normally seasonal and one clutch a year is the rule although double clutches sometimes occur in captive animals and are quite common in the mugger. As in many other animals environmental factors such as rainfall, day length or temperature changes act as seasonal stimuli to breeding but little is yet known about this and an internal rhythm may also be involved.

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They can also be found along the southeastern coast of Florida. Lake Worth and Cape Sable are the most northern limits of the species. They are more commonly found in the lowlands of Florida, and salt-water marshes throughout Central and South America. Britton, ; Ditmars,


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