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Vampire jewelry, vampire fashion, and vampire make-up are outfitting bloody stylistas. For starters, they're a sinister catch-all who can symbolize everything from sex fantasies to escapism from swine flu worries to darker social issues, experts say. For example, some have viewed F.

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Time slows down. Dark, romantic music plays. A tortured-looking, beautiful man walks into the bar and makes eye contact with an equally beautiful waitress.

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Nowadays, powerful girls are everywhere on television and in the movies, even in genres previously populated only by men, especially action, science-fiction, and fantasy. Buffy Summers, the protagonist of television's Buffy the Vampire Slayer present 1was one of the first in a long line of champions of this new breed of girl power. For example, both Max, from the sci-fi post-apocalyptic Dark Angel, and the good-witch sisters of Charmed probably owe more than they'd like to admit to the power and influence of Buffy.

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Like Edward, the chaste vampire star of the movies and the books, I should resist the temptation. Oh wait. Understanding Twilightmania requires that we understand the raging intensity of heart and hormones during the teen and tween years.

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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life.

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Everyone's all moist about "Twilight. You know, the kind that can sort-of never be fulfilled. And if you've ever spent time here in San Francisco, you know the town is just full of Gothy vamps of all species.

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Vampires tend to have a lot of sex appeal. It may be because Evil Is Sexybut not all vampires are evilso maybe it's because they're bad boys or sultry Femme Fatales. The bloodsucking may be a great fetish source, something about a quick sting of pain followed by pleasure.

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TwilightTrue Blood and The Vampire Diaries may have dragged vampires into the glare of mainstream society, but some women are still keeping it real with their darker desires. For these true blue bloodsuckers, having a vampire fetish isn't about gazing into Edward Cullen's eyes or holding hands with Eric Northman—it's about fang blowjobs, Vlad the Impaler, and actually drinking the red stuff. A quick look on Reddit, Facebook or the kinky social network Fetlife throws up a shit ton of groups dedicated to vampirism and blood fetishes. When I hit my teens the dreams changed and became more sexual in nature.

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Vampires were once great monsters of folklore. They were parasitic predators who fed on the human life force. They were evil beings sent from the underworld to fulfill their carnal desires.

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Okay, full disclosure here. I'm not a vampire fanatic. I've never watched Buffy or True Blood and the extent of my undead readings have been sigh the Twilight series and Interview with a Vampire all those years ago. So these musings on why vampires are so darned screwable is not from hours of drooling over specific characters, but looking at the general feminine yearnings that are represented in our male, undead counterparts.


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