Busted condoms

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Accidents happen. If you're ever in this situation, don't freak out—there are concrete steps you can take to reduce your and your partner's risk of HIV infection. If a condom breaks during genital intercourse, stop immediately and pull out carefully.

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Has he moved position? Was it because you put your legs back further? What is this whole new experience?

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Things are heating up and you both know exactly what you want to happen next. Condoms are easy, cheap, and offer protection against STIs and accidental pregnancy. The good news is there are many ways to reduce the chance of a condom breaking.

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A counterfeit condom syndicate in China was busted by authorities recently following an investigation. The condoms, which were distributed to hotels, supermarkets and vending machine operators, were found to be using the names of major international and local condom brands such as Durex, Jissbon and SixSex. As per the authorities, the counterfeit condoms were manufactured in Henan and Hubei. Such condoms pose a threat to public health, since they were made under substandard conditions.

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There are so many common misconceptions about condoms out there Make sure you read on because we're setting the record straight! Using more than one condom at once is NOT safer than just using one condom.

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A ring of underground workshops producing millions of counterfeit brand-name condoms -- including Durex, Contex and Jissbon -- was busted by police in central and east China. Cops confiscated 4. In a dimly lit room in the countryside of southeast China's Fujian province, dozens of workers were busy on a production line, lubricating the condoms when cops raided.

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But, if someone chooses to have sex, then condoms are important to protect against pregnancy and STDs. And you can find condoms for FREE near you or some people may even be able to get them in the mail! MYTH: Condoms are only for heterosexual sex.

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Chinese police curbed an illegal operation that manufactured and sold counterfeit condoms in hotels, supermarkets and vending machines. The scam led to the detention of 17 people who produced the fake and "recycled" contraceptives primarily in the Henan and Hubei provinces before they were packaged in Zhejiang, and then distributed throughout central and eastern China. It was totally below official manufacturing standards.

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You may need to look for the broken condom. Go to the bathroom and pee to flush away any sperm that may be near your urethra. Whilst sitting on the toilet remove excess sperm by squatting down and squeezing with your vaginal muscles.

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A raid by Saigon's market management agency on the house in Dong Hung Thuan 23 Road, District 12, found overcondoms and lubricants meant to be packaged as popular brands and over 60kg of raw materials to make them. House owner Truong Chi Thanh, 28, who admitted to carrying the operations for over a month, said he bought raw materials from Kim Bien market in District 5, produced fake condoms and lubricants and packaged them as Durex, OK or Sure to sell them. It's not clear whether they would sell the items in the market directly or to middlemen. A raid on a house in Hoc Mon District last August also uncovered production of fake condoms.


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