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Feeling short of 'permitted touches'? Yearning to 'explore affectionate communication without being sexualised'? Anna Mundow has the answer.

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Despite a last-ditch attempt from the DUP, same-sex marriage and abortion will become legal in Northern Ireland tonight at midnight. Same-sex marriage and abortion will become legal in Northern Ireland tonight at midnight despite a last-ditch attempt from the DUP. Abortion and same-sex marriage are set to become legal in Northern Ireland at midnight tonight after Stormont hosted its first sitting in nearly three years.

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The raunchy event, run by the London-based adult party brand Killing Kittens, will take place on October 5 at a secret location and it's expected up to people will attend. Killing Kittens was founded by Emma Sayle - a former school friend of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton - focused on "the pursuit of female pleasure for girls in control who know what they want as well as empowering adventurous couples the world over. Speaking to the Irish MirrorMs Sayle said the upcoming gathering in Ireland will have a main party area with a bar and DJ with access to playrooms "where attendees go for fun".

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THE all party support in the Dail for the divorce Bill now going through the Oireachtas might appear at first glance to support one of the main arguments made by conservative campaigners: that "traditional family values" are being swamped by a liberal agenda which has in turn hijacked the traditional party system and left hundreds of thousands of conservative voters disenfranchised. Attractive as that analysis may be for conservative campaigners, it is rather dubious on a number of fronts. Closer examination actually suggests that, far from being some form of alien force which has hijacked the political system, the current liberal consensus may actually be simply a variation on the Catholic conservatism it replaced. Historically, Ireland has had a long tradition of what could be called political Catholicism, running through O'Connell's mass movements of the s right up to Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.

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The secretive world of swinging and kink might just be the most healthy approach to casual sex in Ireland today discovers Sophie White as she dives into the world of rigging, Daddy-Doms and impact play. If you read that headline and thought 'hey We started having casual sex which was exactly what I wanted at the time and over the course of the next two weeks I realised that this was not normal sex".

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That deadline, as expected, has now been missed. A number of MLAs returned to Stormont yesterday in a largely symbolic move to show their opposition to same-sex marriage and termination of pregnancy. Ultimately, there were not enough MLAs there to elect a speaker and those present walked out.

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This group exists to facilitate regular, organised gatherings and opportunities to experience consensual, mindful, non-sexual touch and affection in a welcoming, safe, nurturing, obligation-free environment. We are the first and longest-running Official Cuddle Party community in Ireland. Our official Cuddle Party events are brought to you by the Conscious Touch Network and are led by experienced facilitators professionally trained and certified in human touch, intimate relating, and Cuddle Party facilitation.

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Kittens and Toms travel far and wide to attend our infamous Killing Kittens parties, but there is a completely different vibe and atmosphere if that party happens to be on your home soil. The anticipation was building throughout the week and the pre-party group chat was on fire. Excitement mixed with a curiosity of finally getting to meet the people that had been chatting for a few weeks.

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Stylish sex parties are taking Ireland by storm with up to horny revellers ready to attend another one next month. This is where we differ from swinging parties, with us sex is the by product, if you want to do it, you can, but there is more to the party. Some people come just for the vibe.

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Caitlin McBride Twitter Email. Killing Kittens, the "elite sex club", famously run by one of Kate Middleton's friends, is returning to Ireland on June 9th, for an event being held at a country estate. The company describes itself as a a place which "gathers the world's sexual elite in a safe yet sexually-charged environment to explore their innermost fantasies and deepest sexual desires. They have thrown parties around the world, including upscale neighbourhoods like the Hamptons and St Tropez, and have previously held bashes around Dublin.


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