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The cold open reveals two men chained to the plumbing fixtures in a restroom with a pile of dead bodies nearby. One of the men has just arrived. Meanwhile, the O.

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The episode introduces a new supervillainDr. During the episode, Myra kidnaps Hank and Dean in order to get them away from what she perceives as the negative lifestyle they live with their father, Doctor Thaddeus Venture. Venture and Doctor Byron Orpheus take a road trip to discover why Dr.

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It also might be the gayest cartoon on television right now. Shore Leave is a nautical-themed hero who once belonged to a team of G. Joe-style agents modeled after the Village People.

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Sign in. Girlfriend : I can't believe you saved it. What are these hard chunks?

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Finally, the Venture brothers are being allowed to grow up. But with growing up comes the ability of Dean and Hank to hurt each other. And when Hank caught Dean and Sarina in the act, he had a stroke from the shock, and went into a coma.

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This is a list of main and recurring fictional characters from The Venture Bros. Team Venture comprises the central characters in the show; they formerly lived in a fortified compound in Colorado Springs that doubled as the headquarters for the company, "Venture Industries". After the compound was destroyed in Season Six, and Dr.

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Rusty Venture unknown. I got a Rusty Venture after that all night midget porn marathon. A seemingly undefined sex act as defined in the season four finale of Adult Swim's " The Venture Bros ".

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Fans of the sardonic action-adventure-comedy cartoon, which features an impressive collection of gay characters -- even for Adult Swim's standards -- will be eager to get any morsel of information to tide them over until the Season Five premiere in February The show has a huge universe -- especially for a cartoon -- and a rich canon, reminiscent of classic comic book lore. Also similarly to comic books"Venture Bros.

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The Venture Bros. For certain fans, it never really left: Like Arrested Developmentthe show is a visual and verbal thicket, beckoning a second or third or 15th viewing. The quick dialogue, manic interlocking plotlines, and fanboy dalliances like this Klaus Nomi cameo make the show exhilarating and addictively re-watchable for anyone who'll let themselves be sucked into its fully realized universe—even if they've condemned it to a midnight slot on a network that insists on airing solid blocks of Family Guy reruns almost every night.

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When it began, The Venture Brothers was a pretty straight ahead no pun intended parody of old Johnny Quest cartoons and similar action oriented kiddie cartoons, with a decidedly adult slant. But the world and character building began to get more complex by the end of the first season, and by the second season, it was well on its way to becoming its own thing. In this weird world, a gender swap is surprisingly pedestrian. The same is also true with the fact that there are gay heroes and villains folded into the cast as well.


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